99 Problems But Weather Ain’t One

Mar 9, 2013  ·  Tips and Advice

Weddings, man. You spend months planning every detail, And one of the biggest factors is completely out of your hands: the mother effing weather. I’ve met hundreds of pre-wedding couples and without fail, it’s one of their top five concerns.

Guys, listen. Whatever temperature/percipitaion/whatever might be sucky for you for any number of reasons, but photography isn’t one of them. Different weather circumstances will certainly result in different kids of photos, but I promise – none are better or worse that any other. So buy some adorable rubber boots and a cool umbrella, and I promise I will make it work.


This is far from a wedding portraits death sentence. In fact, it’s a great way to have pictures that are fun, unique, and show a go-with-the-flow spirit that I’m sure you can muster. Plus, what rom-com doesn’t have a standing-in-the-rain scene? It’s liquid romance, people!





Yeah, sorry about your hair. But what’s sexier in a photo than wispy strands in lovely disarray and a floating veil? Roll with it, and do damage control later with some bobby pins and ingenuity.




Is it snowing on your wedding day?! I don’t want to hear you complaining. That shit is gorgeous.

Bonus: snow’s reflective qualities create flattering, all-around beauty light.


Hot As Hell

Yeesh, sweaty. But we rearrange a few things and take some shots at twilight when things start to cool off. These were shot during an August heat wave, on the roof of the venue during the reception.


Cold As Frozen Hell

I love a cozy shrug with a wedding dress. And you’ll instinctively snuggle more.




These are happening with increasing frequency. Thanks climate change! The first shot is during Irene – indoor photos, so what? There’s always options. The second shot is from the Saturday after Sandy, on Long Island. There was no public transportation, barely available gas, traffic up the butt, and – not kidding – no electricity. Shit happens, but I will always make sure your pictures rock.




So, that actually happened. And we laughed in the face of danger. Worth it.



Yeah. You’re probably fucked.

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