Thanks for coming by! I’m an Israeli-born photographer currently based in Austin but shooting all over. I studied photography in both Israel and New York, and received my degree in photography from the School of Visual Arts in 2004. Since then, my fine art photography has been exhibited nationally and published internationally.

While wedding photography is my specialty, I have done all kinds of editorial and commercial assignments, from cookbooks to fashion to news photography. For nearly a decade I held various faculty positions in photography programs, with courses covering studio lighting, location lighting, advanced photography technique, portraiture, documentary, and yes – wedding photography.


I get to shoot the coolest weddings and as such am the frequent recipient of fancy awards. I’ve received weddingwire’s “Bride’s Choice” award every year since I joined in 2009. I’m a member of the Wedding Photojournalists Association as well as their exclusive Artistic Guild, and have received over a dozen awards from the organization over the years. This year I was placed third in their annual ranking of wedding photographers internationally. Internationally!

But here’s what really matters: I have photographed over two hundred weddings and am a total, hardcore expert. I’m a wedding photography ninja. But in case it’s a concern, I’m responsible for far fewer casualties than regular ninjas.

*PS – I’m the one in the dress.

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