Debora & Craig at Battery Gardens

Jul 8, 2015  ·  Events

I love shooting for other photographers mainly because A) they will do anything for a great photo, and B) I get to show off my extravagant shooting kit. A beautiful, touching ceremony, and raucous party were all icing on this cake of awesome. Thanks to C & D for trusting me with your memories! And huge thanks to the brilliant Jashim Jalal for shooting this with me and being an all-around great dude. 01-Battery-Gardens 02-Battery-Gardens 04-Battery-Gardens 05-Battery-Gardens 06-Battery-Gardens 07-Battery-Gardens 08-Battery-Gardens 09-Battery-Gardens 10-Battery-Gardens 11-Battery-Gardens 12-Battery-Gardens 13-Battery-Gardens 14-Battery-Gardens 15-Battery-Gardens 16-Battery-Gardens 17-Battery-Gardens 18-Battery-Gardens 19-Battery-Gardens 20-Battery-Gardens 21-Battery-Gardens 22-Battery-Gardens 23-Battery-Gardens 24-Battery-Gardens 25-Battery-Gardens 26-Battery-Gardens 27-Battery-Gardens 28-Battery-Gardens 29-Battery-Gardens 30-Battery-Gardens 31-Battery-Gardens 32-Battery-Gardens 33-Battery-Gardens

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