• I'd recommend Inbal to anyone in a heartbeat. As a creative director who works with photographers professionally, I'm pretty hard to please when it comes to family photos but Inbals' photos blew me away. She put us at ease (which is really saying something. I hate having my photo taken) and got great shots of all four of us together and of the kids. They were flattering, natural and artistic, and when we used them on our Christmas card, people raved about them. Inbal is the best.

    Krista P.
  • We've taken thousands of pictures of our daughters over the past almost 7 years, but one picture stands out above all of them - by far. It's a beautiful black and white photo that Inbal took of my two girls when they were three and one, sitting on a tree next to a creek in Austin. They're holding each other and looking at the camera, and it just perfectly captures that moment for them together, but also that whole time in their lives as sisters, and for us as young(ish) parents. We had the photo enlarged and framed a couple years ago, and it hangs in the entryway of our house, where I see it a couple times a day and always get a smile on my face.

    Ben H.
  • Inbal will put your whole family at ease and bring out the essence of each of you in her photographs.  When I look back at these photos now, I see how Inbal captured us perfectly in that precise moment in time.  Once you work with Inbal once, I guarantee you will find a way back to her again and again.

    Rachel W.
  • Inbal is a super talented photographer with a real eye for those tender, fleeting moments. Her photos of our family remain my favorite to this day. She is warm, gracious, kind - and professional to the core. I wish we lived in the same city so we could hire her for our annual family photos and every possible event.

    Ricky B.
  • I have had Inbal photograph every major life transition - from my wedding to the birth of our daughter to the beginning of my journey as a single mom after my husband passed away. Her photos are not only technically perfect and GORGEOUS, but also capture emotions in a way I didn't know was possible. I am so, so grateful for the images she has given us over the past 10 (!!!) years.

    Alissa C.
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