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Your package always includes:

  • Your images in high resolution available through online download
  • Unlimited usage rights for printing, making albums, sharing online, etc.
  • A password-protected online gallery for six months
  • The envy of all your friends
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    Get in touch!

    Fill out my contact form (or call, email, text, or send a carrier pigeon) and I will get back to you within 48 hours. I'll send you detailed information about pricing, what is included, and a few possible time slots for our first meeting.

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    Let's meet.

    If you think we might be a good fit (no pressure!) we’ll schedule a chat to get into finer details. We’ll discuss your timeline and priorities, and I’ll have a quote for you by the end of the meeting. Of course I’ll answer any questions you have and offer suggestions as needed.

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    Let's do this.

    Within a few days you’ll get a preliminary contract to review. You can look over the terms and see if you have any additional questions or changes you’d like to make. Once the contract is finalized and you’ve decided to move forward, you’ll sign an online copy of the contract and pay the 50% retainer. Congrats! The date is reserved for your wedding and you can start stressing about something else on your wedding planning list.

Frequently Asked Questions
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    How much do you cost?Open/Close

    Wedding coverage starts at $4,000. On our first chat we will figure out what kind of coverage will best suit your needs.

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    Can I see a full wedding gallery?Open/Close

    As many as you like! Get in touch and I will send you access.

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    I don't see any family/group photos in your portfolio - do you take them?Open/Close

    I feel strongly that these photos are extremely important, and I always take them. They’re just not the most exciting to look at so I don’t have them on my site, but if you browse any complete wedding gallery you will see them.

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    I'm not quite ready to commit, can you pencil me in?Open/Close

    Your date is booked only with a signed contract and a non-refundable retainer. To be fair to all potential couples, I cannot hold your date without those things.

  • 05

    Should I have a second photographer?Open/Close

    I have photographed many, many weddings on my own and am always happy to do so. However, a second photographer provides some valuable services. If there is a need to split up, such as bride/groom getting ready in different locations, a second photographer makes it possible to cover both. During the ceremony, a second camera can get more guest reactions during key moments, as well as different angles and perspectives. If we do portraits during the cocktail hour, the second photographer can stay behind and cover guests and details. You will not feel like anything is missing with one photographer, but you will get more comprehensive coverage with two.

  • 06

    Who are your second photographers?Open/Close

    I have network of full-time wedding photographers, some of the best in the industry, that I pull from for second shooting. One of them photographed my wedding, one of them my sister’s wedding, so these are people that I 100% trust as main photographers.

  • 07

    Do you mind if my guests take photos during the wedding?Open/Close

    Not one bit. As someone who likes to experience things through a camera, I understand the impulse. If you prefer to have an “unplugged” wedding, I’ll support that too and make sure everyone knows they will have free access to the photos I deliver.

  • 08

    Do you retouch the photos?Open/Close

    I hand edit every image individually for color, contrast, exposure, cropping and anything else that is a global application to the entire image. You can request additional retouching such as removing things from a frame, and that will be outsourced to my retoucher on staff and charged at an hourly rate.

  • 09

    How many images should I expect?Open/Close

    About 75 per hour of coverage, but that’s just an average. I don’t put any limits on the number of photos delivered.

  • 10

    What do you do to keep our photos safe?Open/Close

    As I’m shooting, the files are being copied to two identical memory cards in case one fails. Once finished, I back them up on site to portable drive. When I get home, I copy them to my main drive, a backup drive, and the cloud. I do not erase or reuse the original memory card until the photos are delivered to you.

  • 11

    Have you photographed at my venue?Open/Close

    It’s likely! Just ask and I will will show you examples from your venue or someplace similar. If I have not been to your venue before, I will arrive early to scout on your wedding day.

  • 12

    How will we get our photos?Open/Close

    The photos will be delivered to your email with a link to your online gallery. From there, you can download your photos with the provided PIN, share the link with friends/family, share to social media, and order prints and printed products. The images you download are unwatermarked and in full resolution, do do with as you wish.

Specializing in quiet moments and loud parties.

  • From behind the camera, she was able to bring out the best in us and all of our guests. She captured our celebration so beautifully, that to look at our wedding pictures is to feel the overwhelming emotion of each moment. The images candidly and elegantly express the excitement, sentiment (and chaos) of our event. Even the handful of obligatory family portraits, that often come off so stiff and over-posed, are absolutely magical. You will love working with her.  She is professional, meticulously organized and has incredible creative input - and on top of that, she's a lot of fun. Inbal brings a distinct energy and dedication to her work that is rare.

    Julie & Stu
  • I cannot overstate Inbal's professionalism, dedication and responsiveness. I felt like I was her only client, such was the quality of attention she gave us. But it was her sense of humor that really saved the day and made us feel comfortable. If we lived in the same city, I'd pretty much demand that we be friends - Kristen

  • What I ended up with are some of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen. I was in tears (multiple times) the first time I looked through my slideshow. Inbal does not just take photos - she uses the art of photography to capture emotions, reactions, and small moments that would otherwise go unnoticed. She is a fantastic artist and a beautiful photographer.

  • inbal is a dream come true in the wedding photography world. her photos speak for themselves—crisp, beautiful, flooded with emotion. they are truly remarkable. inbal herself is hilarious, a little mischievous, silly, personable, willing to do ANYTHING for a great photo, and FUN!! my husband and i feel truly blessed that inbal photographed our wedding. we cannot stop looking at our photos!!

  • Inbal created for us a visual symphony of well captured moments that will forever warm our souls with memories of our special day. She was able to transmit what we were actually feeling (our joy, our love, our anticipation) so aptly in the photos, that whenever we see them we can recapture those same sensations. Having her present felt as comfortable as having a dear friend around.

  • In my opinion, what makes Inbal and her work so special, is her innate ability to TRULY capture ALL the emotions of the day- emotions in the small moments and emotions in the big ones. And when we look at her beautiful work from our wedding, I can see and feel the day all over again!

  • Come the wedding day she was AMAZING. She was everywhere, she was decisive, and she was incredibly non-intrusive. We just got our photos back last week and how can I put this easily, HOLY SHIT. This easily the best collection of wedding photos I've ever seen.


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