Wedding Testimonials
  • Her photographs are brilliant—I have audible reactions to them. They are beautiful and evoke real emotion and laughter. In my search for a photographer, I kept thinking I was doing something wrong or I didn’t understand photography because nothing moved me; then I went to Inbal’s site and I FELT something. I finally understood THAT is what makes her photographs amazing—they make you feel things, react, respond, engage.

  • Inbal is a true gem in this industry and over-delivered for us in every way… The bottom line with Inbal is that she has a natural gift for capturing the real authentic moments of a wedding - yes, the posed portraits are absolutely stunning and we're obsessed with them, but the raw joy and love of our day was captured in a way that can only be described as masterful. Inbal has an immense depth of experience, knowledge and passion for wedding photography, and it shows.

  • If you want to look back at your wedding photos and feel the life, joy, and excitement of the day instead of having stiff, dime-a-dozen shots, go with Inbal because she manages to capture the actual LIFE of the event. I can't wait to look at these photos for the rest of forever

  • I do not have the words to explain how much I love Inbal and her work. Her wit and playfulness were a perfect fit for us. She is kind, creative, and really giving of her time and talents. -

  • Inbal was our favorite vendor for our wedding (and that's saying a lot!). She was organized, punctual, high energy, straightforward, had a great sense of humor, was full of ideas for photos, and managed to put us and our families at ease throughout the day while making sure all of the photos we needed were taken… Inbal captured the big moments and little moments throughout the day and every photo is crisp, the lighting is great, and the emotions are real.

  • Her work speaks for itself—it is beautifully lit, FUN, and she is uncanny at capturing little moments that I think most photographers wouldn't even think to look for. Her work offers a playful documentary style, and she is a master at depicting light: both natural and manufactured, in black-and-white and color. If you are going to be shaking it on your big day, no one takes better dancing pictures

  • I have never seen wedding pictures that even compare to the treasure she gave us

  • Beautifully simple candid photos that capture the moment rather than make it seem artificial and cheesy.

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